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Discover our

A therapeutic and connected essential oil diffuser ?

The principle of AromaCare is simple, it is a diffuser of essential oils that works with ready-to-use capsules. Each capsule contains a studied blend of organic essential oils and an associated diffusion program. Simply insert the capsule of your choice and then start your personal wellness session of 20 minutes.

Essential oil capsules ready-to-use ?

The AromaCare is accompanied by 8 capsules of essential oils adapting to the daily ills. Each capsule contains a synergy of organic essential oils developed in collaboration with a laboratory specialized in aromatherapy.

Our goal: help you top fight the “ills” of everyday life naturally

Each capsule allows you to benefit from the essential oils optimally during 10 sessions of aromatherapy of 20 minutes.

Each AromaCare capsule meets one of your needs.

Which one is yours ?

my sleep

Sleep Capsule

With 6 essential oils

my stress

Zen Capsule

With 4 essential oils

Motivate me
and wake me up

Boost Capsule

With 7 essential oils

Improve my

Breath Capsule

With 7 essential oils

Purify my

Purifying Capsule

With 12 essential oils

my headaches

Migraine Capsule

With 16 essential oils

Fight against
my allergies

Pollen Capsule

With 6 essential oils


Memory Capsule

With 9 essential oils

The right dose at the right time!

The AromaCare allows you to benefit from the right dose of essential oils when it is necessary. The AromaCare is your wellness ritual that makes you feel good. Each capsule correspond to one need, just insert your capsule and start your aromatherapy session.

Connected essential oils diffuser

AromaCare can be controlled with your phone. Easy to use, the mobile application (IOS & Android) allows you to control your well-being.
Program your AromaCare whenever you want! Set the start time of your aromatherapy sessions and let the AromaCare diffuse your favorite capsule.

Application AromaCare diffuseur personnel huiles essentielles
White capsule AromaCare Packaging et interior

White Capsule Kit


The White capsule allows you to create your synergies of essential oils.

You are free to adjust your sessions as you wish:

Intensity | Duration | Programming

The kit allows you to create 6 different synergies

What our customers think

customer AromaCare 2

We recently had a patient in the department who had been suffering from insomnia for years and for whom conventional (medicated) solutions no longer helped her to sleep. When we arrived, we offered him 1h of Synergy Sleep. Before the session ended, she was already sleeping.

Martine Ochin, Executive of Health-Service Rehabilitation
customer AromaCare 1

The device is very aesthetic and well thought out. Convenient to use, a good companion of office, bedroom, living room and you can take it on a trip to the hotel and more, you see … No regrets! Charger not to forget anyway and its small basic capsules, For me, Boost for morning, Zen during the day and Sleep for the night.

Jean-Jacques, Customer
customer AromaCare

Passionate about essential oils for many years, I discovered this product with its synergies ready-to-use. After a very positive test, I even offered one to my children for their little worries every day!
Congratulations to the team for their AromaCare. The associated subscription allows to benefit from a consequent reduction on the device and to be able to make regularly different sessions.

Stephanie, AromaCare customer
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