AromaCare story

A human story above all

A story that starts with the North Hospital (Marseille)

The story of Aroma Therapeutics began with Dr. Catherine Gire, head of neonatal and intensive care at the North Hospital of Marseille, who asked us in 2013 to calm the pain of premature babies during painful daily actions.
The spread of the smell of breast milk to the face of prematurity has reduced the perceived acute pain by 50%; since then, the analgesia study on 30 babies has been published and the project has been awarded the Philips Avent Grand Prize.

Declining a professional diffusion system of aromatherapy for the public

Aroma Therapeutics wanted to make its diffusion technology available to everyone. Aromatherapy is a natural therapeutic approach that is effective but difficult for non-experts: Which essential oils to use? How many drops? How? How long … It is thus part of the general trend towards the natural, assisted self-medication and the reduction of drug intake.

Secure diffusion to maximize benefits

Since 2013, the company has developed in collaboration with an expert pharmacist in aromatherapy formulas (synergies of essential oils) effective for sleep, awakening, respiratory (8 capsules and available protocols of well-being). Tested with doctors with protocols of daily use, the ready-to-use capsule is programmed to diffuse 10 sessions of aromatherapy.

Development of the first therapeutic diffuser of essential oils

A user survey has highlighted the importance of having a distribution adapted to his profile and the time of day. The AromaCare is a connected therapeutic diffuser that meets these expectations: it allows automatic recognition of the capsule type, to follow and schedule its sessions over time. The diffusion duration is preprogrammed to optimize the aromatherapy sessions. Each synergy of essential oils is combined with specific diffusion intensity that varies during the session to maximize its effects.

The intensity of diffusion of the active compounds is adapted to the window of concentration known as “therapeutic” recognized in aromatherapy to obtain therapeutic benefits without side effects.

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