How to choose your essential oils diffuser?

The complete guide to help you choose your essential oil diffuser


How to choose an essential oils diffuser? ?

If you arrive on this page it is surely that you ask yourself a question, which in our opinion is essential:
How to choose an essential oils diffuser?

There are many distributors of essential oils on the market, at different prices and with different diffusion technologies. The first question to ask yourself and what will be your use? Indeed each type of diffuser of essential oils to its own characteristics of diffusion which agree with the needs of each one.

There are 4 major families of essential oils diffusers:

Essential Oils Diffuser by nebulization

Essential Oils Diffuser by misting

Essential Oils Diffuser by gentle heat

Essential Oils Diffuser by ventilation

All these technologies of diffusion of essential oils have the same objective but the way to do it differs. The principle is simple, spread the molecules of essential oils in the air and then you breathe them and you can enjoy the benefits of them.

Diffusers of essential oils by nebulization

The nebulized diffusers diffuse only essential oils unlike the mist diffuser that mixes the molecules with water. The diffusion principle is more complex than other types of diffuser. In nebulized diffusers, 2 nozzles will blow at high speed (venturi effect) essential oils and air. The flow of air flows horizontally through the flow of essential oils that projects them against the wall. The essential oils are then divided into small particles or droplets. The smallest drops will then be diffused from the top while the big ones will come down again in the diffuser to make another turn.

Why choose a diffuser
by nebulization


The nebulized diffusers allow a therapeutic diffusion of the essential oils, in particular thanks to the pure diffusion of these. Unlike mist diffusers, only essential oils escape. The essential oil particles are small and therefore stay longer in the atmosphere. These diffusers cover areas up to 100 m2.

Why not choose a
nebulizer diffuser


First of all, if you want to diffuse in a room, for example, nebulization will prevent you from sleeping due to its noise. Indeed the powered air comes from a small engine or a pump that will emit a background noise continuously.

The prices of nebulizers are quite often high and the glassworks are fragile, so we must be careful about the costs associated with these broadcasters.

Diffusers of essential oils by misting (Humidifier)

Unlike nebulizers, diffuser by misting mix essential oils with water. The principle is simple, a pellet is placed at the bottom of the diffuser and vibrates at very high frequency. These vibrations turn the water into a fine, cold mist. When this mist emerges from the diffuser it carries with it the molecules of essential oils to diffuse them into the atmosphere.

Why choose a mist diffuser


Misting diffusers resemble nebulized diffusers. However diffusion is less effective because the essential oils are mixed with water. The “olfactory” duration will last less. The small mist that emerges from misting diffusers can put a zen atmosphere in your space and can delight some. At the noise level, these diffusers are quite discreet with their little lapping that can remind the sound of a stream. The diffusion surface varies greatly between the different models but the majority of the foggers can cover between 30 and 40 m2.

Why not choose a mist diffuser


The diffusion of essential oils is less therapeutic than a nebulized diffuser. Mixed with water, essential oils will stay in the air for less time. In addition, the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) overload in the room can quickly become saturated and become irritating to the respiratory system. Always be attentive and inquire before diffusing essential oils.

Diffusers of essential oils by gentle heat

The diffusers by soft heat are diffusers of a great simplicity. The diffusion technique consists simply of a heating of the essential oils at low temperature (never more than 40 ° C), the essential oils naturally diffuse thereafter.

As a general rule, simply fill the diffusers with a few drops of a synergy or a single essential oil. Then a resistance comes to heat the mixture to allow the diffusion.

Why choose a diffuser
by gentle heat


Soft heat diffusers do not have advanced technologies or engineering, so their cost is generally low. It is easy to find diffuser under 30 €. The second advantage lies in its discretion of diffusion, indeed a resistance does not make noise, the diffusion is almost inaudible.

Why not choose a diffuser by soft heat


The diffusers by soft heat allow a diffusion in a small space, a small room (room, bathroom, entry …). In addition it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the diffusers but especially the reliability. Indeed we must be careful that the diffusers do not heat the essential oils to more than 40 ° c.

Diffusers of essential oils by ventilation

Ventilation diffusers “tear” the molecules of essential oils using a cold air flow. In general, the essential oils are soaked on a blotter or polymer beads as for AromaCare.

This principle meets a need for diffusion for a small area. Ventilation diffusers are generally quiet and allow for quick use. The scattered particles are extremely fine and do not last long in the atmosphere unlike nebulizer that leave the particles in the atmosphere. Ventilation allows a more controlled and personal diffusion than other types of diffusion.

Why choose a diffuser
by ventilation


Essential oil diffusers by ventilation are very simple to use simply put drops on a support. They are generally cheap and resistant. The diffusion is however pure since the essential oils are not mixed with water.

Why not choose a diffuser by ventilation


The diffusers by ventilation do not correspond to the large volumes or big parts, the use is rather personal. The diffusers are generally unsightly and made of plastic.

Conclusion ?

If you are interested in essential oils and diffusers, these 4 different technologies will certainly convince you. Simply define your needs first and then weigh the pros or cons:

  • What use will you make of it?
  • What price are you willing to put?
  • For which area do you want to diffuse?
  • What design do you want?
  • Do you have any knowledge of essential oils?

A lack of therapeutic support


Despite the many diffusers of essential oils existing on the market, in our opinion no diffuser brought a professional solution, ready to use allowing a personal and calibrated diffusion. All diffuser allow you to diffuse in a room but none of them take into account the real needs of users. The diffusion is not calibrated, the duration of diffusion is not defined and sometimes too long and the synergies of essential oils are made by the users who are sometimes not sufficiently trained.

Découvrez l’AromaCare ?

AromaCare is a ventilation diffuser that works with ready-to-use capsules. Unlike all the diffusers you can find, AromaCare brings you a secure, ready-to-use solution that provides personal aromatherapy sessions.

Have you ever wondered how long to diffuse essential oils? With what power? For which volume? Which essential oils?

With AromaCare all these questions disappear, each capsule corresponds to a need. It diffuses personal sessions of 20 minutes with the good diffusion intensity to allow you to benefit from the best way that is the benefits of essential oils.

Each capsule contains a synergy of essential oils previously studied for its therapeutic effects. Diffuse essential oils for several hours can be dangerous for health, many studies show that diffusion calibrated between 20 and 30 minutes is enough to benefit from the benefits of essential oils.

If you are looking for a simple diffuser that guarantees you a good use of essential oils, the AromaCare fits your needs. The AromaCare is not a room diffuser to perfume a room, it provides individual sessions of aromatherapy, you must stay close to him during your 20 minutes session.

In addition, the white capsule will allow you to diffuse your own essential oils if you wish. You will be able to fully customize your sessions in a therapeutic and calibrated way to optimize your aromatherapy sessions.

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