Breath Capsule with 100% natural essential oils

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The capsule Respire and its mixture of organic essential oils will allow you to free your bronchi during the strong periods of colds. Its powerful blend of eucalyptus will decongest your respiratory system.

1 capsule = 10 sessions of 20 minutes


Picto capsule Respire Breath Capsule

The stuffy nose and congested bronchi are some of the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany respiratory infections, which multiply in winter. Aroma Therapeutics offers you the Breath capsule: a mixture of essential oils to stimulate your immune and respiratory response.


Des huiles essentielles professionnelles et bio ?

Aroma Therapeutics, in collaboration with a specialized aromatherapy laboratory, has selected a synergy of organic essential oils for each capsule. Each synergy is designed to bring specific benefits. Our essential oils are carefully selected for their quality and their molecules.

Composition of Breath capsule

Radiata Eucalyptus essential oil

Thanks to all of its chemical components (1,8-cineole, monoterpenols including alpha-terpineol, monoterpenes, aldehydes, Esters), the essential oil of eucalyptus is immune stimulating, anti-infectious, antiseptic aerial, expectorant and respiratory. It will be used to decongest the ENT system and the respiratory tract, in all cases of colds, flu, cough, otitis, sinusitis, rhino-pharyngitis, bronchitis, etc …

Huile essentielle
de Ravintsara

With powerful assets such as cineole and α-terpineol, the essential oil of Ravintsara (which means “tree with good leaves” in Malagasy) is particularly indicated in cases of diseases of the ENT high and low. Its anti-infectious action and its stimulating effects on the immune system have been recognized for a long time.

Huile essentielle
de Niaouli

Composed mainly of cineole, the essential oil of niaouli is recommended in the cases of viral and bacterial infection like flu, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis bronchitis and other respiratory infections thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Huile essentielle
de Pin Sylvestre

L’huile essentielle de pin sylvestre permet de décongestionner le système respiratoire. Elle permet de libérer vos bronches et facilite l’expulsion des sécrétions.

Essential oil of Virginia Cedar

Stress is partly responsible for the decline of our immune defenses, the essential oil of Virginia cedar can soothe nervous tension, reduce stress and therefore increase the body’s natural defenses.

Saro essential oil

With the help of beta pinene and 1,8-cineole, Saro’s essential oil fights the spread of viruses and their spread throughout the body. It helps to fight effectively against the symptoms of pollen.

Sweet Orange essential oil

Limonene present in sweet orange essential oil is bactericidal, antifungal and antiviral. This essential oil helps fight against lung infections and disinfects the air.

Lemon essential oil

The essential essence of lemon has antibacterial and anti-infectious properties made possible thanks to limonene.

20-minute personal aromatherapy session

Our 20-minute program is perfectly designed to optimize aromatherapy sessions. Doing a Breath session when you feel the need to breathe better will bring you maximum benefit from the nose to the lungs.

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