Pollen Capsule with 100% natural essential oils

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The Pollen capsule and its decongestant mixture of organic essential oils will help you fight against pollen symptoms during the spring.
1 capsule = 10 sessions of 20 minutes


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You have eyes that cry, you blush constantly, you sneeze? This is the sign that spring is coming, often accompanied by pollen. Aroma Therapeutics has selected the following essential oils, one by one, for their calming and decongesting properties.


Des huiles essentielles professionnelles et bio ?

Aroma Therapeutics, in collaboration with a specialized aromatherapy laboratory, has selected a synergy of organic essential oils for each capsule. Each synergy is designed to bring specific benefits. Our essential oils are carefully selected for their quality and their molecules.

Composition of Pollen capsule

Radiata Eucalyptus essential oil

Radiata eucalyptus essential oil relieves the symptoms of hay fever and has anti-viral and expectorant properties. Thanks to its major assets, cineole and monoterpenols, this oil provides a stimulating immune, anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory activity. It decongests the airways and calms the runny nose.

Chamomile essential oil

Thanks to its antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and calming properties for the nervous system, chamomile essential oil is mainly composed of isobutyl and isoamyl angels and pinocarvone.

Cinnamon essential oil

This essential oil, rich in cinnamaldehydes, brings vitality in the event of deep tiredness and latent depression especially thanks to its toning physical and psychic properties.

Geranium essential oil

Known for its antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, the essential oil of Geranium also brings its floral odor to the synergy Pollen.

Niaouli essential oil

Enriched with cineole and monoterpenes, the essential oil of niaouli stimulates the immune system and has calming, anti-infectious and expectorant properties.

Lemon essential oil

With antiseptic and antiviral properties, lemon essential oil enhances immunity, tones and energizes the nervous system.

20-minute personal aromatherapy session

Our 20-minute program is perfectly designed to optimize aromatherapy sessions. The Pollen session will relieve symptoms of pollen allergy and provide you with seasonal support when you feel the need.

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