Sleep Capsule with 100% natural essential oils

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The Sleep capsule and its soothing and anxiolytic blend will help you to improve your sleep simply and naturally. One session per night will significantly improve your sleep phase.
1 capsule = 10 sessions of 20 minutes


Picto capsule Sommeil Sleep Capsule

Often the consequence of increasing anxiety, mental fatigue and sometimes depression, sleep disorders (difficulty falling asleep, multiple awakenings during the night, early waking in the morning) can compromise the quality of daily life. Aroma Therapeutics offers a pleasing blend of essential oils with sedative, relaxing and mild hypnotic properties.


Des huiles essentielles professionnelles et bio ?

Aroma Therapeutics, in collaboration with a specialized aromatherapy laboratory, has selected a synergy of organic essential oils for each capsule. Each synergy is designed to bring specific benefits. Our essential oils are carefully selected for their quality and their molecules.

Composition Sleep capsule

Lavender essential oil

This essential oil is highly studied for its regulating properties of the nervous system and has sedative and anxiolytic properties. It is very recommended to calm nervousness and fight against sleep disorders, thanks to its active ingredient linalool and other active ingredients.

Ylang Ylang essential oil

This oil is recommended in case of agitation, nervousness, anxiety, emotions, asthenia, nervous blockages, nightmares and restless nights (sleep disorders), latent depression, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, psychic tensions, thanks to its active ingredients of Germacrene, beta-caryophyllene and benzyl benzoate.

Sweet Orange essential oil

The sweet orange has calming and soothing properties thanks to its main active limonene which assigns it an important role in case of agitation, anxiety, anxiety, lack of drive, latent depression, mood flickering, tired, insomnia and overwork.

Green Mandarin Essential Oil

Used in case of anxiety, latent depression, tiredness, disturbed sleep, exacerbated sensitivity, stress and overwork, tangerine essential oil soothes nervousness and improves sleep.

Petitgrain essential oil

This essential oil is used to reduce nervousness and agitation and provides anxiolytic effects that help overcome insomnia problems thanks to its components (esters, linalyl acetates).

Marjoram essential oil

This essential oil acts in case of latent depression, physical and mental fatigue, nervousness, restlessness, sleep disorders, stress, overwork thanks to the majority presence of Terpinene and Thujanol.

essential oil

The essential oil of vetiver has secondary properties to calm and soothe the body.

20-minute personal aromatherapy session

Our 20-minute program is perfectly designed to optimize aromatherapy sessions. Thanks to the Boost session just before waking or at any time of the day when you feel the need to boost your body and your mind, you will benefit from all the benefits of essential oils to tone you.

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