Zen Capsule with organic essential oils

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The Zen capsule and its blend of organic essential oils has anxiolytic properties. It allows you to soothe during your moments of stress.

1 capsule = 10 sessions of 20 minutes


Picto capsule Zen AromaCare Zen Capsule

Nervousness and anxiety can sometimes compromise our quality of life on a daily basis. Aroma Therapeutics has selected essential oils for their relaxing and soothing virtues to offer you an effective, fast and natural solution to fight nervousness: The Zen capsule


Professional and organic essential oils ?

Aroma Therapeutics, in collaboration with a specialized aromatherapy laboratory, has selected a synergy of organic essential oils for each capsule. Each synergy is designed to bring specific benefits. Our essential oils are carefully selected for their quality and their molecules.

Composition of Zen capsule

essential oil

Mostly composed of esters and acetates of linalyl this oil provides anxiolytic effects. It is frequently used to reduce nervousness and agitation.

essential oil

Rich in limonene, bergamot essential oil is used in case of agitation, anxiety, stress-related depression, nervous exhaustion, nervous fatigue, irritability and mood swings.

Sweet Orange
essential oil

The essential oil of sweet orange has soothing properties thanks to limonene. It is used in case of agitation, anxiety, lack of drive, latent depression, flickering mood, fatigue, insomnia and overwork.

essential oil

Tangerine essential oil soothes nervousness and is recommended in cases of anxiety, latent depression, fatigue, lack of drive, disturbed sleep, increased sensitivity, stress or overwork.

20-minute personal aromatherapy session

Our 20-minute program is perfectly designed to optimize aromatherapy sessions. At any time of the day, the Zen session will make you benefit optimally from all the benefits of essential oils to relax.

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