White Capsule | Do it Yourself

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The white capsule allows you to diffuse your own essential oils. Each white capsule is delivered in Kit containing: 6 bottles of refills of beads – 6 self-adhesive covers – 6 stick of mixture – 1 book of recipe and its pen

6 capsules to make at home


White Capsule

Enjoy all the benefits of AromaCare with your own synergies. The white capsule kit allows you to create and discover new synergies of which you are the author. You can make 6 different capsules and set up your aromatherapy sessions.


Diffuse your favorite synergies

You want diffuse your own essential oils? White capsule is for connoisseurs of essential oils wishing to make their own synergies. Compared to a classic diffuser, the AromaCare allows you to create personalized sessions, you choose your power and duration of diffusion. Diffusion hours has never been recommended in aromatherapy. With White capsule become master of your well-being.

Instructions for use White capsule

Step 1

Pour your essential oils

Take a vial of beads and pour your essential oil mixture inside Note: The maximum limit of oils to be poured is 2mL or 2 grams of essential oils (max 50 drops)

Step 2

Shake the bottle

Once your essential oils are poured, close the bottle and shake it for 30 seconds to make the mixture uniform.

Step 3

Let rest

Let rest for 20 to 30 minutes so that the balls are absorbed essential oils.

Step 4

Separate the balls

Once the beads are impregnated, they tend to stick together. Use the stick to separate them.

Step 5

Pour the beads

Pour all the balls in their entirety into the capsule. If this is your 2nd capsule use, consider rinsing it with clean water and then wiping it with a dry cloth.

Step 6

Close cover

Close the capsule with a lid, simply peel off the adhesive part and hold for 10 seconds.

Step 7

Close cover

Insert your capsule into the AromaCare and use the app to set up and name your capsule. In manual mode you can simply start a session of 20 minutes in average power.

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